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Ah, yes, these are the things I most associate with football...
some may not be work-friendly with oil and all that.

Footballers are amazingly versatile -

1.  Porn-ish Adonis...is hot and serious

2.  But also finds reporters amusing....

3.  Which is almost as amusing as the Robot.

4.  Some of them are hot, but not that bright

5.  Some are cute, but not worth the hype.  (If you had bothered to listen for the whistle - Gerrard you tool.)

6.  Chub Chub is cute, but he is worth all the hype..even if he did eat all the other good Brazilian players.  (Thank you Steven Colbert)

7.  Some are surprised when they can't get away with everything.  (Although 4. didn't help with that one and it wasn't warranted red...tools - both of them...but it got 3. in the game)

8.  Some are younger, but play with old-school commitment.  

9.  Some are not as old as you think and could teach people a thing or two. 

10.  Some are old-school and bringing the craziness back.  

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