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We're going to play a little game. Step on up, don't be shy. It's just a little game of word association. I'm going to say a word to you, and you're going to tell me what comes to mind. Don't be afraid to get dirty with me, because we won't be afraid to get dirty with you.

Every week we're going to post a prompt. And the object of the game is to find ten things that remind you of that prompt. Fics, drabbles, fic recs, pictures, icons, banners, manips, fanart, poems, songs, anything of anybody that you think fits the theme. I want you to throw it together on a list and put it up here for all to see. You think the word "banana" has an almost unholy connection to Eric Bana? Prove it. You think "crazy" was meant to showcase the acting talens of Willem Dafoe? Prove it. I'm game if you are. All fandoms welcome, all kinks encouraged. You've got it kicking around in that pretty mind of yours, honey, and I want to see it, that first thing that comes to mind that you blush to think about, that you fear to say in polite company. Give me the top ten things that come to mind when you hear our little prompt.

Welcome to "Ten Things I Love About". Come on in and play.

Things to Remember: (Otherwise known as The Rules)

1) There are two things that I believe in whole-heartedly: a) the freedom of expression, and b) the fact that I am far too cute to go to jail. As such, this is a moderated community for those 18 and older. It's moderated so that the members can feel free to candidly discuss what rocks their socks off. Please be legal for your location to view adult material. Anyone who we don't already know is of age or who doesn't list a birthdate in their user info will not be approved. Reference "b" above.

2) No flaming. Spirited, friendle debate yes, flaming no. Many people find people hot and things interesting that you don't. You can ask them to explain their association, but you can't tell them it doesn't fit. To each their own logic train. Live with it and move on, we'll still love you.

3) The Credit Where Credit is Due rule. For every original work please credit who made it. If its yours, tell us so we can be wowed by your awesomeness. If it's someone else who's cool with it being pimped, credit them so we can bask in the glory of their achievment. If you don't know who the genius was behind the masterwork, say that, too, and see if they come forth to claim it as their own. I know I'd be pissy is someone was trying to pass my fic off as their own, and I don't think I'm the only one.

4) Everything behind a cut that's long or not work safe. I don't think the other people in my office really need to see naked bottoms of hot men -- well, maybe they do, it might cheer them up. But they can do it on their own time and not mine. So cuts for long posts or NSFW material. And anything NC-17 behind a cut.

5) This is a slash friendly environment. If that's not your thing, that's cool by me, but know that it's encouraged and applauded in this community. If you're not down with slash don't be offended by its presence. Het's more than welcomed as well, and don't fear -- we're not forgetting the good, old fashioned girl-on-girl action. That's encouraged, too.

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